Uta is born in a small town near Braunschweig in Germany . At the age of 6 she moved with her parents to Hannover . Living in the city was not what the parents want and soon they where building a vacation house out in the country. Uta enjoyed the country life with all the animals on the farms surrounding the property of the vacation house. When living in Hannover they had a little dog and also a small parrot. But later on she started to love cats. She had many of her own during the years. During a three week holiday on the South Island of New Zealand she fell in love with Llamas. It all started when she saw a sign: tame eels. But on the farm they also breed Llamas. She saw them and was hooked. She specially was fallen for a girl named Novia. And from there on it was not long she had five other ones and three of them where pregnant. The first Babies arrived in 2001. But loving an animal is not enough you also have to care for them so she signed in to be a member of the Llama association. Learning about how to handle the Llamas and train them was not a big deal with all the help from the Llama people. Since then she had three more babies and now two of her Llamas are pregnant again………to be continued.

At present she is busy writing stories about her life with the Llamas…….

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